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About Us.

We represent all things fashion and interior design. We style your body and then we style your living space. We do this because everyone deserves to look and live royally. 

Who we are

At Dooziejune, your image is our business. We know the importance of physical appearance in personal and business relationships, and we’re here to bridge the gap. 

We provide high quality, stylish and affordable fashion (casual, bridal, corporate) and interior designs (residential, commercial), to suit your personal style.

Our Policy

We conveniently and fashionably merge both the African and Western cultures with our Designs.

Our Core Values

We are always abreast of the fashion and interior design industries globally, in order to set new trends by building on existing ones.

Fashion School

Be a part of the creative best

At our fashion school, we boast of the very best creative instructors who are dedicated to imparting knowledge with a passion for excellence delivery.